BA Business Management MSc Strategic Project Management
Stakeholder Manager / BIM Ambassador


Experience as Regional Director for Constructing Excellence, Project Director and founder of thinkBIM and Senior Lecturer in Project Management Claire has the ability to communicate across barriers, bringing together private, public and higher education consortia to work collaboratively on commercial and research projects . Her successful construction improvement advocacy projects engaged a diverse cross section of the construction industry and Construction Higher Education, Claire designed, developed and facilitated senior level BIM forums and networks working with a cross section of the industry supply chain. Claire is an advocate improvement in construction and acts as an ambassador for equality, collaboration, innovation and sustainability in Construction. Her enthusiasm is infectious.


Regional Director for Constructing Excellence and Founder and Director of thinkBIM at Leeds Beckett University until March 2015. Claire led the establishment and development of a Knowledge Exchange Centre for Construction at Leeds Beckett University . Claire set up thinkBIM as a catalyst to engage key stakeholders in the roll out of BIM in the UK, working closely with the Government BIM Task Group and private construction contractors and consultants. Claire is an improvement advocate and led the introduction of BIM into all under and post grad teaching programmes at Leeds Beckett University with consultation with leading academic experts,private sector clients, contractors and consultants . Claire developed and delivered professional BIM training for both national and international Higher Education and professional training programmes.

Relevant Project Experience

Relaunch of Constructing Excellence in Yorkshire and Humber thinkBIM – selecting and engaging key stakeholders to drive BIM Adoption in UK greenvision – selecting and engaging Key Stakeholders to drive sustainable building in UK European / Egyptian TEMPUS BIM Project – sharing and dissemination of BIM best practice between EU universities and Egyptian Universities BIM Education – varied curriculum development projects in partnership with private sector construction organizations and professional Institutes Leeds Sustainability Research Institute – key in selection and engagement of Stakeholders prior to establishment and launch in 2012 Founder of Living Building Challenge UK (deep green building certification)

Areas of Expertise

Developing Project and Business strategy Inspiring Better working and advocating construction improvement Stakeholder Engagement Relationship Management Driving efficiency through MMC Lean Management advocate Sustainability Advocate ( Living Building Challenge V3) Linking BIM and sustainability

Career Interests

Founder member of UK Living Building Challenge Collaborative Founder thinkBIM , Green Vision and CEYH Founding Member of International Women in BIM network Founding Member of Leeds Sustainability Research Institute Member of Association for Project Management Member of Constructing Excellence BIM Task Group