Digital Construction 10 Years On

This month, John Lorimer, Chair of BIM Academy retires after five decades in the construction industry where he has acted as client, contractor and engineer, working in both UK and South East Asia. Here he offers his insight into the growth of digital adoption in the industry, beginning with his role as client on the Manchester Central Library project which was a significant pathfinder demonstrating the value of BIM for the government estate, from design to operation.

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2018: a turning point or business as usual?

Another tumultuous year in politics and industry has passed in the UK. For those in construction it has been particularly difficult with the industry showing itself in a poor light, attracting much justifiably negative press comment and analysis.


The tragedy at Grenfell Tower and now the collapse of Carillion will leave a profound and lasting influence on the industry and the way others perceive it.


In the midst of all this,

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2017: Armageddon or Arcadia?


2016 was a year that saw a massive upheaval in the political and social landscape. The people spokeĀ – voted – and as a consequence the UK is destined to leave the EU and the US has a President the likes of which they have never seen before. The term post-truth has moved into common parlance and it is accepted to tell porkies in public. Meanwhile the construction industry generally continues as before,

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