Last week saw the successful launch of BIM Academy’s Virtual Project in Australia. Hosted by The University of Canberra BIM Academy ran a workshop for 18 delegates comprising a cross section of the industry and academia in Canberra. The workshop was a taster day for Virtual Project – BIM Academy’s unique three day course uses BIM and collaborative working principles to allow project teams to work collectively in a controlled environment.


In 2017, the UK’s standards are at the centre of the conversation as to how the Australian construction industry should develop an approach to BIM and digital engineering.


The Virtual Project workshops are structured to allow for both strategic BIM awareness, understanding activities and hands on technical workshops covering REVIT architecture, Enscape, Navisworks and Costx.


The full Virtual Project course, which has been run successfully in the UK for four years, is innovative in enabling multi disciplinary teams to work through a full project in a virtual, safe and risk free environment.



The delegates at The University of Canberra included quantity surveyors, government client project managers, contractors, architects, estates managers and senior lecturers.  This dynamic group brought together their professional experience and perspectives and worked to better understand the application and implications of BIM in Australia – timely given the current, “no Government BIM mandate”.


Alex Gray, architect, Guida Mosley Brown said the launch was “Very informative and answered a lot of burning questions.”


The day was a huge success due to its grounding in the principle that BIM is a process. Attendees got a taste of the international landscape and impact of BIM on industry, organisations and individual roles. The session was a taster for the three day Virtual Project including Key BIM fundamentals which explained BIM jargon, provided a pragmatic perspective of BIM project implementation, cut through some of the BIM hype and delivered the UK suite of documents in a relevant manner to Australian professionals.


“Informative – good introduction to BIM world from start to finish. Will help to work out areas of focus for future work.” Michelle Tifan, project manager, Manteena.


This is the start of an exciting journey for BIM Academy ANZ with the roll out of bespoke BIM courses and Virtual Project training courses across states in partnership with Australian Universities.


To find out more about our work in Australia please take a look at the video a below and get in touch with Claire Bowles or Will Joske in the BIM Academy ANZ team.