Using BIM in the Delivery of Major Sports Projects

Perhaps not much of a widely discussed subject but certainly one of great interest to clients, stakeholders and delivery teams across the globe, both past and present, major sports projects are extraordinary feats of economic planning, risk management, social interactions and engineering ingenuity.  In a broader sense involvement stems from a political level through to local organising committees, programme/project managers and a talented supply chain of designers/contractors/engineers.


Where does BIM fit into all of this?

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BuildStream 4D Research Project

An innovative feasibility study into optimising equipment use in construction with BIM, IoT and data analytics.


BIM Academy is undertaking an exciting new research project in collaboration with BuildStream (formerly GearBuddy), Costain, Northumbria University and Lynch (Plant Hire), exploring how we can improve the utilisation of plant and equipment on site.  This is through the collation and aggregation of onsite data, combined with a construction programme and a 3D model,

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